Charles E Barnett, publisher    Where we are the best in the business!  I am Charles Barnett. I would like to share our purpose and philosophy of doing business.  First a little about whom we are, we are a small family owned publishing company which endeavors to keep the cost of publishing to a minimum for the author who is seeking value. In today’s economy it is important that every dollar you spent will produce a substantial return for you. 

Not too long ago traditional publishers held all the cards.  Traditional publishers work on an 18-month turn around, we work on around 3-months. Traditional publishing houses, own all the rights to your book. If they lose interest in your book, you will not be able to print additional copies unless you purchase those rights back. At North Pole Publishing House you never turn over your rights to your book, we believe your book should belong to you.  You own the rights from beginning to end, and you always will.  All decisions about your book are exclusively yours and are not limited by third parties with interests and intents different from your own.

So take the publication of your book into your own hands and spread your message to the world. You have a story that is unique and only you can tell it.  Your book maybe filled with ordinary incidents, moments of brilliance, tragedy and humor.  It is an expression and extension of yourself, and a great legacy to leave behind. Empower yourself and become a published author today!  Publish on your terms and your schedule.  Take action on your ambitions, and achieve your goals. Not only for yourself but for the lives of others you will touch.

Our goal is to produce a clean polished, beautiful book that, you can be proud of without mortgaging your home.  You will be happy you chose North Pole Publishing House as your publisher. We hope your book becomes a sensation bringing you wealth and recognition beyond your wildest dreams.  Let us make you look good…


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Charles Barnett, M.Div., R.B.S.