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circle_checkmark_clip_art_17451Author’s Checklist for Preparation of Publications

The proper preparation of your work for publication is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Your manuscript should be submitted to North Pole Publishing House on a flash drive. It should be organized in a master folder with each chapter as a separate Word file. Your flash drive containing your manuscript should be mailed to us via USPS Priority Mail at the following address:

North Pole Publishing House
4726 Stage Road, Suite 1
Memphis, Tennessee  38128

☐ Include a cover letter with your flash drive. Include the author’s postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, and fax number for future correspondence.
☐ The author name exactly as it should appear on the cover of your book.
☐ The book title
☐ The subtitle (optional).
☐ A file titled “Foreword” containing your written Foreword.
☐ A file titled “Preface” containing your written Preface.
☐ A file titled “Acknowledgements” containing your written Acknowledgements.
☐ A file titled “Introduction” containing your written Introduction.
☐ A succinct 30-Word description of your book for marketing.
☐ 100-word written biographical statement: We will use your 100-word
Bio for the back cover. This should be saved and named “Back Cover Bio.”
☐ 100-word book synopsis describing your book, titled “Book Synopsis.” This is a brief overview of the book that entices the reader to browse and purchase the book.
☐ Supply an author photograph in hi-res, Jpeg file format.
☐ Is the entire manuscript including quotations, references, content, footnotes, and figure captions double-spaced? Is the manuscript neatly prepared?
☐ Ask peers and any mentors to review your manuscript. If their contribution is
significant, they should be mentioned in the acknowledgements.
☐ Your book file – Chapters saved as individual files on a flash drive.
☐ The publishing contract associated with the publishing package you have selected. In order to continue with the next phase of publication, you will need to accept the contract by signing and dating it. Please make a copy of your contract for your records.
☐ The direct deposit option. If the author wishes to receive royalty payments via direct  deposit (ACH Credit) from, pertinent direct deposit information will be gathered after the submission is complete. This option is available for use with U.S. banks only.
☐ Payment of your chosen publishing package via PayPal or credit card.

Author check list download

Download a PDF copy of our Author Check List

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