The Platinum Package

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•    ISBN Numbers – We secure two ISBNs (International Standard Book Number) as part of our publishing packages. This number uniquely identifies your book and us as your publisher, internationally.  You need this number in order to make book sales thought retailers, Internet outlets, and libraries.  One ISBN identifies your printed book and the other your e-book.

•    5000 Custom Design Business Cards – Professionally designed cards will help promote you, the author, and your book.  You will stand out from the plethora of other authors with our premium full color UV coated cards and make a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

•    5000 Professionally Designed Book Markers – Our book markers are 2” x 6” UV coated and are printed in full color. They are designed to promote you and your book. When people use them, they will be reminded of you and your book each time.

•    True 100% Of All Net Royalties –After our package fees, and Amazon’s fees for each book sold, all the money goes to you, the author.  For instance, with Amazon, usually 40% retail sale price will be profits for you.  And, because your book is in print, it will be producing sales year after year, earning continuous royalties. Once the mutual contractual package obligations are met, you have no further financial obligations to us. All the profits flow through directly to you.

•    Book Listings – We will arrange to list your book on both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble online sales platforms.  Enabling your book to be sold on their sites.

•    Customized Cover Design – People do judge a book by its cover! Having a professional cover is essential element to the success of your book. We will develop two cover concepts and then provide up to 3 revisions for the one you select.  Whichever one you choose, it becomes your intellectual and artistic property, not ours.  Most publishing companies only design the front cover, but we design complete front and back covers.  The back cover will have one hundred word summary of you, the Author, and a one hundred word synopsis of your book, both written by you.    You may not have a book title or author name on the spine of a book unless it numbers over one hundred thirty pages.

•    Professional Layout And Formatting – Professional Layout and Formatting – Professional Layout and Formatting – Our designers will design and provide a professional layout of your book. While 6×9 inches is one of the most popular sizes, you may also choose 5×8 or 5.5×8.5 book sizes. With full rights to your content and covers, you can revise your book anytime you please. If your work requires footnotes at the bottom of the page, we can provide that feature at an additional charge.

•    Two eBook Formats – North Pole Publishing House will prepare your book in two common e-book formats – Kindle and Nook. Typically Amazon uses Kindle and Nook is the Barnes & Noble format.  eBooks are very popular now, especially with younger generations.  It allows many books to be stored on one device and carried anywhere. Don’t expect an eBook publication to be a perfect duplicate of your print version. There is a lot of code to used by the various devices, so it may look different from one device to another. People read eBooks for convenience, content, and because they’re cheaper than buying the hard copy, so the design will not necessary look like your printed book,. Amazon and Barnes and Noble both offer free apps that you can download to your iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, PC, Mac, or other compatible device, allowing the customer to use the eBook formats on their varied devices.

•    Basic Copy Editing* – Our package includes what we call “basic” editing. Basic editing does not involve rewrites, ghost writing, or revising your work.  Things we do check include: correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax, and we insert notifications throughout the document where approval from a third-party may be required and correct errors in commonly known facts.  With this service, we will not: restructure sentences, alter word choices except to correct minor and obvious errors, nor offer developmental suggestions. Your book is published word for word, as you wrote it and it is your responsibility and liability. Manuscripts over 50,000 words will be charged an additional fee of .025¢ per word on top of your package price.

•    Fifty Copies Of Your Book Post Publication – We provide you with a limited number of copies to give to friends, relatives, or have your own book signing at your church, organization, or your very own book publishing party.

•    Electronic Copyright Registration – At North Pole Publishing House, we electronically file your copyright for you. Your book will be protected by U.S. Copyright Laws. You have full ownership of your work from the very beginning and maintain it throughout your life.

•    World Wide Distribution – We will prepare and distribute online listings, including those for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Taylor, and Ingram Book Company. These companies can make your book available to over 50,000 booksellers – both online and brick & mortar stores. 

•    Customized Facebook Group or Fan Page – Facebook continues to grow as the marketing platform of choice for just about everything – goods, services, and causes – so it’s an obvious place for authors to consider when you start marketing your book. There are many types of Facebook pages – a profile page, group page and a fan page. Profile pages are what individuals use to connect to friends, family, classmates and colleagues. Group pages are used for groups of the same interest to gather, while Fan pages are used for promotion. They are perfect for building closer relationship with your audience and customers. To help build your social media presence, North Pole Publishing House will create a Facebook Fan page for you and your works. It will allow you to interact with friends and customers and make announcements such as book signings or special promotions. As a bonus, we include two social media ads that can be placed in your news feed or on other people’s pages as well as a custom banner displaying your picture and your book.

•    Website Design & Hosting Services – We will design and launch a professional, branded website with you and your new book in mind.  It will include contact information, your biography, links to purchase your book, and anything else you would like to include in order to establish you as an expert in your field.  This website will contain a link to Amazon via which your book may be purchased. Additionally, a contact page for arranging speaking engagements or book signings will be included. Our design parameters for your website with our Platinum Package limits it to no more than four pages.  The package includes one domain name (we try to use the name of the book or the name of the author) and two years of hosting. Once your website is finished, additional editing or revisions will be charged at an hourly rate of $25.00 per hour, with a minimum of one hour charged. A continuing hosting package is available at a special rate of $199.00 per year, which includes up to three hours of additional website modifications.

•    A Video Book Trailer – A book trailer is a great advertising tool.  Using music and text, we will create a one minute-long trailer that says enough about your book to make viewers hungry for more. Posted to YouTube, it can be linked to your website and Facebook.  Go to YouTube and enter book trailers in their search bar to view what they look like.  We can even add a voice over for a small extra fee.

If you believe our Silver Package best fills your needs, please review our Publishing Contract page and our Paying for your Agreement pages.

*Basic Copy Editing is only a “once over” which means the editor only goes though the manuscript once.  We recommend that you have someone who is very familiar with the English language go over your manuscript before you upload it.  You may be able to recruit the local high school English teacher or a senior in college with an English major, etc.  Everyone has someone who can help them, and often would be honored to help with your book. You need to realize that due to the human element you could literally “edit to death” your manuscript and there would still probably be errors in it. 

*Customer acknowledges that there is no guarantee that they will like the website developed by North Pole Publishing House despite North Pole Publishing House’s best efforts. While North Pole Publishing House will attempt to create a website that fulfills the Customer’s vision, the Customer acknowledges that their dissatisfaction with any creative element (including the cover) is not grounds for any refund.

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