Why Use Us

12There has been no other time in history for you to become a published author. The opportunities have never been greater.  Each of us has a unique life story to tell, complete with ordinary incidents, moments of brilliance, tragedy and humor. Or perhaps you are an expert in your field of work and you can share that expertise with others. Your book could be an expression of yourself and a great legacy to leave behind for others.

Don’t ever let someone try to convince you that your dream of publishing a book cannot be realized. Selecting the correct publisher for your book is the most important decision you can make in the success and future of your book. You can share it affordably and professionally, using today’s technology, through North Pole Publishing House.

There are many good reasons to publish your book. Here are fourteen reasons why North Pole Publishing House may be perfect for you.

• We keep our business dealings honest and transparent, and our contracts are written plainly and simple.

• We are a small family operated publishing company. This means we have a low overhead, passing savings on to you. The value of our package cost is great, almost half of what other companies charge. We are big enough to serve you, yet small enough to know you.

• At North Pole Publishing House you enjoy the freedom of expressive style. Your book will be published verbatim, word for word, precisely the way you wrote it.

vintage_books_free_stock_photo_by_madetobeunique-d31m2ui• Being a published author can dramatically increase your income and advance your career as a respected speaker, counselor, coach, or in other professional ways. It can build your creditability and allow you to advance within your career platform, becoming a respected expert in your field.

• When readers purchase and read a book they expect it to look professional. That is exactly what you will receive at North Pole Publishing House – a book that meets and exceeds industry standards.

• Using North Pole Publishing House, you are giving us permission to publish your book only! We don’t try to “tap in” and take a cut of your royalties like other companies. Once we fulfill our package contract, our mutual obligations are complete. We list your book with over 50,000 online and brick-and-mortar stores. Some of the names your will recognize: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Ingram Book Company and Baker & Taylor. Your book will be available through worldwide distribution channels. With our help, you’ll learn to market your book over the Internet, while remaining at home.

• You set your book’s retail price.

• We post your book on Amazon’s platform, the largest bookseller in the world. They have perfected the arts of advertising, credit card processing, printing and shipping books, all for a small percentage. We help you take advantage of their expertise. As an example: We list a 150 page 6″x9″ size book for you on Amazon retailing for $13.99. Your royalties would be approximately $6.00 for each book they sell. As an added benefit, you can order books from them for book signings at an estimated $3.00 cost. And all your royalty checks are sent directly to you, not to an intermediary.

• With North Pole Publishing House you retain all rights, privileges, and responsibilities of your book, its contents and cover. With other main stream publishers you may have to sign away your rights to content and cover design. Once Old-books_candle-300x224you sign a contract with them, they could edit or modify your book to a point where you won’t recognize it, without your further consent. Certainly their vision of your book may not be your vision! Retaining one hundred percent of your rights means the book remains written in your words, the way you intended. With NPPH services, you and only you have input on content and cover design, and you can revise your book completely, any time you so choose.

• Traditional publishing houses, own all rights. If they lose interest in your book, you will not be able to print additional copies unless you repurchase those rights. When North Pole Publishing House publishes your book, you own all the rights, so your book will never go out of print.

• Traditional publishing companies work on an eighteen month turn around. With North Pole Publishing House, your book could be on the market in as little as three months.

• Old-fashion traditional publishing firms reject 98% of the books submitted. At North Pole Publishing House, we don’t publish everyone’s manuscripts, but our rejection rate is low – about 27%. However, should your manuscript be rejected, we tell you why, so perhaps you could correct the problem.

• There is no minimum of books you have to order, you can order none or one. Forget having boxes of books in your house or garage. Any company who says you have to buy thousands of dollars of your own books from them is just ripping’ you off. In today’s world, your book will be printed by a process referred to as POD, or Print-on-Demand. Simply put, your book is only printed when someone orders it. In 2009, more Print-on-Demand titles were published than those from the traditional publishers.

• When you publish with North Pole Publishing House, your book is not self-published. There is only one publisher of record for your book and that’s North Pole Publishing House. This does not mean you cannot sell your book to a main stream publisher, as they often search the Internet for new and upcoming authors. Remember you retain full rights to your book to do with as you please!

Say good-bye to all the other publishers, and say hello to North Pole Publishing House. Say good-bye to the hassles of independent self-publishing, rejection of 1848R-346714traditional publishers and the responsibility of order fulfillment. We know you are ready to become a published author, so don’t wait any longer. Simply choose the package that will help you reach your unique publishing goals. Then submit your manuscript for our review, and one of our representatives will quickly respond to your request. We are sincerely looking forward to publishing your book.